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Add Control Panel To Win+X Power User Menu In Windows 10

Add Control Panel To Win+X Power User Menu In Windows 10

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Add Control Panel To Win+X Power User Menu In Windows 10

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The Win + X menu or power client menu was acquainted with Windows 8 with let clients effectively get to different framework devices, for example, Disk Management, Control Panel and Command Prompt.
The Win + X menu is only the menu that shows up when you at the same time squeeze Windows logo and X keys on the console or when you play out a right-tap on the Start catch on the taskbar.
In Windows 10 Anniversary Update and prior forms, the power client menu or Win+X menu shows Control Panel choice among different choices. In any case, in Windows 10 assemble 14942 or later forms, the Control Panel choice has been supplanted with the Settings.

Plainly Microsoft expectations to supplant the great Control Panel with the new Settings application however, now of time, the Settings application needs large portions of the alternatives accessible in the exemplary Control Panel. You can discover numerous connections in the Settings coordinating to the Control Panel for more alternatives.

On the off chance that you regularly open Control Panel utilizing the Win + X menu, you might need to add Control Panel choice back to the Win+X control client menu to immediately open Control Panel in Windows 10. Fortunately, there are workarounds to add Control Panel to Win+X control client menu or begin catch right-click menu with or without the assistance of outsider utilities.
Allude to the given underneath bearings to include or reestablish Control Panel choice to Win+X control client menu in Windows 10.

Add Control Panel to Win+X menu

There is a free utility called Win+X Menu Editor to redo Win+X control client menu. Here is the means by which to use to it to add Control Panel to Win+X control client menu.
Step 1: Download Win+X Menu Editor from here. Remove the compress document to get the program.
Step 2: Depending on the kind of Windows 10, run the Win+X Menu Editor executable document situated in either x64 or x86 organizer.
Step 3: Once the program is propelled, select either Group 1, Group 2, or Group 3. We are selecting Group 2 in this guide as we might want to add Control Panel choice by Settings alternative.

Step 4: Click Add a program catch, click Add a Control Panel thing, select Control Panel from the rundown and afterward click Add catch.

Step 5: Click Restart Explorer to restart Windows Explorer. The Control Panel option should now appear when you right-click on the Start button or press Win+X keys.

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