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How to Add Google Analytics on Blogger

Google Analytics gives propel information and insights to your blogger blog; making it less demanding to comprehend, investigate and screen blog's execution.

Blogger permits its clients to effectively associate a blog with Google Analytics. It is a free administration that gives propelled insights about the movement and guests to a site or blog that the blogger's own details just couldn't coordinate.

What's more, you ought to utilize Google Analytics to your blog as it gives in-Page examination to perceive how clients truly cooperate with your pages. Know how guests are going to your site, comprehend what they are searching for and what realize they are sharing or how and why they are taking off.

Google Analytics and Blogger coordination is simple, simply take after few stages specified underneath;

Step-1: Sign-up/Log-into Google Analytics

Log in to your Google Analytics account. If you do not have a Google Analytics account then go to google analytics and click “Access Google Analytics” than click “Sign Up” on the next page.

Step-2: Fill-up the Information and Create a Google Analytics Property for your Blog

In the event that don't have an Analytics account then the following page Titled "New Account"; click "Site" in "what you jump at the chance to track"; Select "All inclusive Analytics", Fill-up the data underneath and embed your blog/site URL than snap "Get Tracking ID" and afterward "Acknowledge".
On the off chance that you as of now have a record in Analytics then Click "Administrator". On the Property segment of that page tap on the dropdown menu than snap "Make new property". Presently you ought to likewise lick "Site" in "what you get a kick out of the chance to track"; Select "Widespread Analytics", Fill-up the data beneath with embed the blog/site URL then snap "Get Tracking ID".

Step-3: Copy the Tracking Code

  1. Go to “Admin” in Google Analytics.
  2. Select your Account and Property that you have just created in Step-2.
  3. Under the section “Property” click “Tracking Info” > “Tracking Code”.
  4. You will see the tracking code is given. Copy it.

Step-4: Add Google Analytics Tracking Code in Blogger Template

Go to Blogger dashboard > select your blog > Template, 

Open the format proofreader by clicking "Alter HTML". 

Look for
in the format editorial manager.

Glue the Google Analytics Tracking just before the

Click "Spare Template". 

That is all is required to Google Analytics in Blogger sites. Inside couple of minutes you will see your site information on Google Analytics Reporting area. 

There is another method for including the Google Analytics Tracking code in the Blogger blog. Despite the fact that it is done from the Blogger dashboard, it won't utilize the new Universal Analytics.
  1. Go to Blogger dashboard > Select your blog > Template > click "Alter HTML". On the layout editorial manager look for:-In the event that you can't discover it in the format, then look for
and glue the above code just beneath it and snap "spare layout".
  • Presently go to Blogger dashboard > select your blog > Settings > Other > Google Analytics > Paste your Google Analytics Tracking ID (discover it/made in step-2 and 3) in the content box (Analytics Web Property ID) > Click "Spare Settings" catch on the right-beat corner of that page.

  • On the off chance that you take after this technique (way b); the tag ought to be in the layout or you won't have the capacity to utilize Google Analytics for your blogger. 

    You are done, Now appreciate the Google Analytics benefit for your blog. On the off chance that you ever overlook your following ID for the site, then simply go sign into the Analytics site, click Admin, tap the dropdown menu on the Property area and you ought to discover it here; if not tap the name of the of the property and snap Tricking Info > Tracking Code. 

    Do impart this to companions and remark to fill me in as to whether you are confronting any issue in applying this tips.

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