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How to add tumblr sitemap in google webmaster tools

How to add tumblr sitemap in google webmaster tools

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Tumblr has a sitemap record called sitemap.xml and two sub sitemaps called:

sitemap-pages.xml : where are recorded your static pages made with Tumblr, for example, About Me, Bookmarks, and so on, and so forth.

sitemap1.xml : a rundown of every one of your posts made in this way.

I read on the Internet that it is encouraged to include sitemap1.xml just however along these lines on the off chance that you have made pages they won't be added to Google Sitemap. So the most ideal route is to submit sitemap.xml and consequently GWT will interface likewise the other two sitemaps. It is possible that you have or not static pages on your site, you can submit sitemap.xml.


When you submitted sitemap.xml and revived the page you will see as of now a status of URL's are prepared for ordering by Google. Presently Google will be procedure your sitemap and chooses what further incorporate into its list. I composed further, in light of the fact that even without this sitemap incorporation in GWT you ought to see some of your posts as of now recorded by Google.

It is essential to check 2 after 3 days taking after your every day Seo Analysis routine in Google Webmaster Tools your record status with Tumblr.

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