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Watch youtube videos in VLC media player

Watch youtube videos in VLC media player

software Tricks
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Watch youtube videos in VLC media player. vlc media player hd quality media player.

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VLC Media Player Have the Capability to Play Videos with all most all Video Formats , Probably this is the One motivation behind why VLC media player is the most Prefered Media player, But Do you realize that We Can even Watch Youtube Videos in VLC ? Yes we would, We be able to don't oblige Browser to Watch Youtube Videos, VLC will carry out that occupation for you exceptionally Well. I effectively Shared 5 Cool Youtube Tricks that You Must Know

You can Watch single Video in VLC as well as Watch Youtube Playlists in VLC to watch them in Sequence,Some More Advantages of Watching Youtube Videos In VLC Media player are:

Watch Youtube Videos without Ads, Means no Disturbance While Watching your Favorite Video.

Utilize Loop Button To Watch a Video Again and again Many times.

Increment or Decrease the Speed of the Video

Take Snapshots of a specific Screen of a Song or Movie.

Presently let us Get Started With Steps to Watch Youtube Videos In VLC, Follow the Below Simple Steps.

Step 1: Open VLC media player, Click on File > Open Network Or Simply Use CTRL+N Keys to Open up Network URL Dialog box.

Step 2: Open Youtube, Navigate to Whatever Video you need to Play in VLC, Copy the Url of that video and Paste it in the Dialog Box. what's more, Click on Play.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Video.

Straightforward Enough hah, Now Let us perceive How to Watch Youtube Playlist In VLC Media Player.

Step 1: To Watch Youtube Playlists in VLC we will utilize an addon, So Click here to Goto the Downloading Page of the VLC addon Called VLC Playlist Parser. Ensure you have Latest Version of VLC Running on your framework.

Step 2: Download the addon, Copy it and Paste it in Videos Installation envelope which by and large would be C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\lua\playlist.

Step 3: Everything is done, Now Open VLC, Press CTRL+N Paste Video Playlist URL Which should be Public. Tap on Play and Enjoy every one of the Videos.

I Just Hope this instructional exercise on How to Watch Youtube Videos in VLC Media Player Helps all you Youtube Lovers.

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