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what is Object oriented language and its uses

Question situated programming (OOP) is a product programming model built around items. This model compartmentalizes information into items (information fields) and depicts question substance and conduct through the assertion of classes (techniques).
OOP highlights incorporate the accompanying:
Epitome: This makes the program structure simpler to oversee on the grounds that every question's usage and state are taken cover behind very much characterized limits.
Polymorphism: This implies conceptual substances are executed in various ways.
Legacy: This alludes to the various leveled plan of usage sections.
Protest situated programming takes into account rearranged programming. Its advantages incorporate reusability, refactoring, extensibility, support and productivity.

Techopedia explains Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)

OOP has been the programming model of decision for the most recent decade or more. OOP's secluded plan empowers developers to fabricate programming in sensible lumps as opposed to in a lot of successive code.
One of the considerable advantages of OOP is that of adaptability, with articles and definitions having no limited constraint. Likewise, the partition of information from strategy keeps a typical issue found in more established direct programming dialects. In the event that a bug shows up in a direct code, it can be tranlated through a framework and make masses of difficult to-follow mistakes. Then again, an OOP program, with its partition of strategy and information, is not powerless to such multiplied mistakes.
Prominent OOP dialects incorporate Java, the C-group of languages,VB.NET and Python.
Purported "unadulterated" OOP dialects incorporate Scala, Ruby, Eiffel, JADE, Smalltalk and Emerald.

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