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Use These 10 Tips to Write Your Most Popular Post Ever

Are you know that One popular post can bring your more traffic and links than a month’s worth of your usual content.

In this post, I want to set you a challenge with the potential to launch your blog into the stratosphere.
Make the next post you write your most popular post ever.
The following ten tips form my key advice for tackling this task. I used all of them when hitting the Digg front page for the first time. There’s no blueprint you can follow to write an incredibly popular post, but you won’t have a chance unless you try. I’m confident these tips will give you a good shot at success.
Time= Time is more important than talent. Work on something for 7 hours and you can bet it will be good. You dont need to spend that long. However though thats how long it look me ot craft the first post i wrote that hit the digg front page. More time mearns you can refine, format and fill you post with plenty of value . Take the time to really craft you content. It will show in the finished product.
Idea= Use you best idea very important. A Post will never become wildly popular unless it fulfills a need, and goes so emphatically. What something you niche wants but has not got yet? Can you assemble a whole lot of really awesome (target) resources in one place? The more your Post helps people, the better it will be do.
Social media= Use formatting to your advantage. These days, social media is key when it comes to lauching your posts into the stratosphere. Social media users are good choice. How ever use formatting to emphasize the best aspects of your post. Hone in on your funniest lines, Your most profound bits of adivce and your best resources. Make them stand out.
Brainstorm Headlines= There are prohabbly one or two bloggers who have completely mastered the art of writing headlines for social media. The rest of us have not been blessed with such skills. When you see a great headline, chances are its option of a dozen choices. Few of us can think of a great headline straight away. Spend ten minutes brainstorming and you are bound to stumble across something that works a weak headline will cripple you posts chances of success. Its essential that you put a lot of work into getting it right.
Invest large of value in the post= Ever bookmarked or votes for something without completey reading it? We have all done it. it's because of the very rare factor, the presence of enough promissed value in one place get the reader enthusiastic about the post straight away. Instead of 5 tips, why not share 50? instead of 9 resources, why not 40 or more?
excellence is subjective depending on each person's preferences=  If your post looks good, it will draw good impressions for your site. Take the time to add images, thumbnails and formatting to what you create. Make your post a excellent content, with so much web content presented in a bland way, your post is must to stand out.
Let them know what will let them know= Readers will skip your long introduction. You can say the same in less words, Particulary when you are writing for an Impatient readers. Someome who wants to get extending into your tips, resources and knowledge. Use your presentation to highlight why the reader should stick with you post. There is a reason my post presentation mainly consist of. Its means people really want ot know: what am i geeting in exchange for my attention?
Use messages with links= The best way to get a blogger to carry out your blog is by linking to them. We have got a natural desire to know what's being said about us. If you post become really popular, each link inside it should spend enough traffic outwards to be worth investigating. Be generous with your out bound links when writting your most popular post. It gives other bloggers an incentve to link to you, because its ultilately more promotion for them.
Use your system= On the off chance that you need individuals to digg, lurch or reddit your post, there is no reason why you need to site back with fingers crossed and hope it happens. Your constant readers like you. You entertain them, or teach them, or help out in problems. If votting a simple matter of clicking a link they will be more than happy to do so. Ask for votes in your post and email readers and social media Influencers. As a rule you should kick it into high gear. after that, others will do most of the work for you.

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